• J. Team Janitorial Inc. provides a high quality of FULL SERVICE janitorial services and commercial cleaning services that is dependable and professional in the Canadian Industry.
  • J. Team Janitorial Inc. is setting new standards in cleaning services and is maintaining these standards through hard work and professionalism to create and strengthen our relationships with our customers. J. Team Janitorial Inc. has one of the largest full-time staffs in the country and all are regularly and fully trained to meet high standards of quality and cleaning performance, as well as specialty services certification. We are ready to fulfill your office cleaning needs.
  • We understand that a clean working environment enhances the productivity, health, and work experience of your employees, improving morale and increasing efficiency. We work hard to earn your trust and confidence, going beyond just meeting your business’s daily cleaning needs.
  • We can accommodate your needs by setting you up to clean and maintaining your janitorial needs during the day or evenings, and our flexibility makes us a leading janitorial and cleaning company.
  • J. Team Janitorial Inc. is very flexible and will schedule our visits to meet your schedule. We continuously monitor our cleaning staff through regular inspections and field supervision at all of our locations.

Proudly.. In business for over 28 years. We can help you gain from our experience

Dental and Medical Office Cleaning

J. Team Janitorial, realizes how important it is to keep dental and medical offices clean and sterile. That’s why our cleaners will take care to make sure that your office is clean, completely sanitized, and looks great for your patients.

It’s important for any place of business to be spotless and clean, but this is especially true for medical and dental offices. Our employees are experts in cleaning all office environments, and dental and medical office cleaning is one of our specialties. We will take the time to make sure that your office and examine rooms is thoroughly cleaned.

As part of our dental and medical office cleaning service, we realize that certain areas and equipment may be off-limits. Our professional cleaning staff will take care to avoid these areas and equipment.

At J. Team Janitorial, we use only the best, safest, and most eco-friendly cleaning products for our dental and medical office cleaning.

Our dental and medical office cleaning services also include sweeping and washing floors, vacuuming rugs, and cleaning window sills. Our staff will tidy every area of your office, excluding the off-limits parts. We will also work around your schedule, arriving after your final patient for the day has left.

Medical & Dental Office Quote

Entrance & Reception & Offices:
All desks dusted and cleaned, garbage bins emptied, filing cabinets dusted. All office doors cleaned thoroughly

Examine Rooms & Lab:
All equipment cleaned and disinfected, sinks cleaned and wiped. Cupboards wiped down, Baseboards wiped and vacuumed, Window sills dusted and wiped clean

Flooring:   (Ceramic)
Floors, vacuumed and washed.

Clean all sinks, empty of garbage, wipe down cupboards and countertops. Appliances wiped down and cleaned.

Clean and disinfect all urinals and toilets & sinks mop floors, all mirrors wiped clean. Walls are spot cleaned.

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