Day Porter

The job of keeping public areas clean and orderly. This position often works to keep places like the public areas of hotels, malls, and office buildings clean and orderly. A porter is usually set to work in heavy traffic areas in which most people may expect to see some debris and dirt..
A crew member in this position may have a range of tasks to perform, but they often include cleaning bathrooms, replenishing paper supplies, keeping hallways and lobbies clean, keeping the exterior of a building maintained, and making sure high-traffic areas are free of safety hazards.
The exact duties a day porter has may depend on the needs and preferences of his employer. Typically, however, he is given a set list of cleaning tasks to perform and a schedule on which to perform them. Depending on the needs of his employer, a person with this title may maintain high-traffic areas both inside of and outside of buildings.

When a person has this job, he may be assigned to a building, a complex of buildings, a floor, or even just a section of a building. His duties typically involve keeping his assigned area clean and appealing. For example, he may have the job of cleaning and maintaining restrooms, including the toilets, urinals, counters, and sinks. He’s often responsible for keeping the mirrors and floors clean, emptying trash cans promptly, and drying the floors of any wet spots. Likewise, an individual in this position may have the job of keeping toilet paper and disposable hand towels at the ready.

Often, a day porter also has the job of sweeping up debris that has fallen on the floor of public areas and emptying ash trays. Sometimes, he may be asked to keep glass doors, windows, and fixtures free of smudges and fingerprints as well, and dust and clean up any spills. Additionally, an individual in this position may have the responsibility of making sure safety is maintained in public areas. For example, he may be charged with removing obstacles that could lead to trip-and-fall accidents.