Blueskin® Weatherbarrier Product Information

Stop Water Damage, Weatherize Your Building with Blueskin® Self-Adhering / Self-Sealing / Flexible Flashing Membrane. Blueskin is manufactured to achieve the Highest adhesion level possible. When applied properly, it will virtually eliminate drafts and water leaks at critical areas around the exterior of your residential or commercial building. The membrane is made of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound that is integrally laminated to a (blue) cross-laminated, polyethylene film, and is specially designed to be self-adhered to all prepared substrates of concrete, CMU’s, primed steel, rigid vinyl, mill finish and anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, drywall, plywood, and OSB sheathing. The SBS membrane is flexible with excellent adhesion at low temperatures. Blueskin is impermeable to air, moisture vapor, and water; and is self-sealing when penetrated with most fasteners.